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No bar menu would be complete without a cocktail or two.

Here at Tchin-Tchin mobile bar, we ask clients to hand pick two of their favourite cocktails, these are then added to the personalised bar menu for their Wedding or Event. Whether it be from the Horsebox bar, Tobias bar or our petite Eleanor bar.

Inspiration and recommendations are always available for those that don't have a solid "Must have!" and are open up to trying something new, or maybe want to have something unique served on the day.

That said I have seen 3 firm favourites find their way back onto that menu time and time again.

1. Passionfruit Martini

A short sweet treat for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. This passion fruit inspired cocktail is great on warm summers day, and a must at any garden party.


45ml Vanilla Vodka

15ml Passoa

15ml Vanilla Syrup

15ml lime juice

50ml Passion fruit juice

50ml Pineapple juice

(Add ice and all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, give it the shake of your life and pour into a chilled martini glass)

To serve

1/2 Passion fruit

Shot of prosecco

2. Margarita

An all time favourite of of mine, I believe that a good Margarita is a must regardless the time of year. However, blitzing one of these bad boys in the blender and serving frozen on a red hot day is an absolute game changer!


50ml Tequila

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lime juice

25ml Lemon juice

20ml Sugar Syrup

(Add ice and all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, give it the shake then pour into a chilled margarita or martini glass)

To serve

Kosher/Rock salt to rim the glass

Slice of lime

3. Aperol Spritz

A long drink compared to the two previous cocktails. The Aperol spritz is a sophisticated and refreshing tipple. Traditionally getting the most air time in the warmer months, I like to mixed things up in the Autumn/Winter months and add cranberry syrup. This gives a whole new depth and makes it a perfect Christmas party cocktail.


125ml Prosecco

50ml Aperol

25ml Soda

(20ml Cranberry Syrup optional)

(Simply pour all the ingredients straight into a large wine glass over some ice.)

To serve

Slice of orange

If you would like to know our full range of cocktails, or enquire about one of our mobile bars for your event then I would love to hear from you. Email or hit the button below to book a free consultation.

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