Cocktails to your door

As 2021 dawned we were treated to a generous third lockdown – Happy New Year to you too Boris!

There was a distinct lack of cheer in the air, this third lockdown did not have the sunny summer perks of the first. Nor did it have the festive spirt of the second.

We all needed something to look forward to, or even just something to do while we spend who knows how long locked up on house arrest.

I decided to test the waters on social media. Cocktails! I had asked once before if they were something people would be interested in if we were to offer them. Now I don’t know I they were too busy sunbathing to respond, or if they had a hot tub full of wine that I didn’t know about. (Although if they did, I’d love to know where they managed to get their hands on one last summer. Those things were like gold dust!)

Anyway, given the fact that everyone's dry January was well and truly out of the window by the 4th, we received a resounding YES to the thought of home delivered cocktails.

We had been looking into putting together a cocktail menu for a while; nothing too fancy as we never envisage ourselves to be the bottle flipping, glass juggling performance types. Just simple good quality products put together with a lot of care and attention to the smaller details.

So, following the positive response we put together our new menu. Again we used social media; mostly Instagram to test these out in the form of polls on our stories. Collating the responses of the more favourable drinks. After all, we had to know which ones were the most popular as it doesn’t make sense to force everyone to drink just the ones we like!

Menu published we sat back and waiting to see how people would respond. Initially we had a couple of enquiries that turned into orders. Nice, we thought! The end of the first week came and went, the first couple of orders went out without a hitch.

By the second week, we had more interest and even an order for the lovely owners of the Coffee Shop Gray’s of Rothwell. Well, as soon as Heather posted a picture of our ready-made cocktails on her Instagram feed; things got a little bit crazy that night. Customers were contacting us via every platform, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, email and even direct through our contact us page on the website.

Our reach has now safely made its way up to Scotland. Thanks to some family members taking postal delivery of a selection of cocktails, word has soon spread, and more and more Scots are getting in on the action.

Increasing our following by another 100 people on social media in the second week, we were on to a healthy start in our new venture. More and more local people were hearing about our little bar despite these last 12 months leaving us unable to trade and get our faces shown.

All we had to do now, was keep supplying the demand and not end up sampling too many of the goods. Obviously in the beginning it made good business sense to put in strict product testing measures, ensuring the best quality product was presented to customers.

But quite frankly if we kept that up we would never get anything done and be well and truly sozzled.