Meet the Team

So we have delved into the origins of our mobile bar and how it has been converted from a horse trailer, but we have yet to introduce ourselves.

We are Emma and Sam a (I would like to say young; is 30's still young?) couple from Leeds. Coming from mixed backgrounds; Sam with his day job in the financial services industry he's the numbers guy. Where as I have always been in more customer service based roles. This has included a variety of areas one of which included a couple of years behind a bar.

I enjoyed my time working behind a bar. The social element topped my list of positives from the experience and the banter with staff and customers appealed to my sociable side and for good reason...we are all social creatures after all. That said, I reached a point in my life where a career change was necessary for various reasons and in the four years since, I accumulated the knowledge and experience in the catering sector which created a curiosity and a hunger that spoke to my entrepreneurial side.

Despite myself and Sam having dabbled in some self employed ventures in the past, I wanted to pursue something more project based this time...and what better choice than a mobile trailer bar? Anyone who knows me can vouch for my attention to detail and my love of a good party, what better than to be able to combine the two? It appealed to my social nature, ambition to run a successful project so in that was a no brainer and ticked every box.

I have dreamt of being able to run my own bar for a while now and the possibility of it being a mobile bar made it that much more achievable. This still wouldn't have been possible without the positivity and enthusiasm of Sam who encouraged me to just go for it and even came along for the ride.

Back to what brought us here in the first place...we both love a good cocktail and I am passionate about all drinks being served to best compliment the ingredients used. It could be a simple crisp gin and tonic served over ice with a nice fresh slice of lemon or a refreshing Mojito with limes and mint to garnish. For us, it is about the experience with Tchin-Tchin not just a drink, we want people to really savour and enjoy their time with us. Nobody likes a lackluster beverage that hasn't been given the attention it deserves. With this in mind we aim to provide the best service possible at any event; whether it be a birthday, wedding, corporate event or christening. A variety of packages are available and these can be altered to suit any specific requirements. As we are based in Leeds we have easy access to the wider Yorkshire area thanks to fantastic transport links leading out of the city.

If you are interested in hiring our beautiful bar or simply have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.