Postpone without the panic

Are you one of the many couples that have found themselves having to postpone their special day? Our Vintage Mobile Bar has had more than a few drinks put on ice for the time being so we want to share some helpful tips and something positive to look forward to during lock-down.

Firstly; we know that all your lovely wedding invites might have gone out to your guests already and now you need to inform them of your new date. Luckily a lot, if not all of the information (such as venue and menu) will be the same which means you just need to provide your new date to guests. Why not take this as an opportunity to be a bit creative during lock-down and design your own new save the date cards. You could either continue with your original theme or keep yourself busy and change things up a bit. If you want to keep costs down why not send it out as an e-invite and utilise your social media contacts to spread the news.

Once you have had attendees confirmed for your new date don't forget to update your table plan if needs be. The last thing you want is any empty seats or missing places for guests that will now be able to join you on your special day.

Think about the time of year. Is your new date in a different season? Some couples are moving to the same date the following year, where as others have moved by just a few months.

You need to know if this will effect anything you have planned or already booked or if any adaptations need to be made. Is there anything on your menu that is particularly seasonal? When you confirm any date change with your caterer they should advise of any issues, but, it doesn’t hurt to question them and double check. Ask the question as this can then be added to your new save the date information if needs be. Are you potentially not guaranteed the nice Summer weather you were expecting or hoping for? Does Pimm's in the garden need to be Fizz in the foyer? Think about if you need to have umbrellas on stand by for yourselves and guests if the heavens open. It could be that you have planned a marquee wedding with a mobile trailer bar (such as ours!) outside. Do you need to rethink the layout so that you can have the trailer bar inside in case the heavens open? We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be!

If you have had to postpone your big day or your plans are currently on hold; use this time positively and don’t be too disheartened. Your big day is still going to go ahead and now you have gained more time to double check every eventuality is covered. Remember lots of couples are going through the same thing as you and your original caterer may not be able to commit to your new date. Search around and contact other providers for a back up plan. Remember everything happens for a reason. This could even be a chance to save yourself some money, who knows. Ask suppliers and caterers for new, updated invoices and be sure to get receipts of any payments you make. Pay on credit card where possible so you are covered by the indemnity Section 75 part of your credit card providers insurance. If you have cash or savings you planned to pay with use this to clear your credit card balance, that way you’ll save on any added interest payments. Little things like this helpful tip could make a big difference if your chosen supplier is to cease trading due to COVID-19. Finally, take a deep breath and celebrate! When your original date comes around celebrate it with your loved one. Maybe have a virtual pre-Wedding Day party. Platforms such as Zoom or Facebook provide ways to have multiple people on a video call together at one time. You could maybe enjoy a nice breakfast in bed together, write a love letter, poem or a list of what you love about each other. If it’s a nice day you could have a garden picnic together. Cook a nice meal together, maybe chose a course each to whip up or make some fancy cocktails similar to what we offer at Tchin-Tchin bar.

Remember this is all about keeping your friends, family and loved ones safe. You want to be able to share your special day with all of them. Your Wedding Day is a celebration of the love you share with each other as a couple, so focus on, and remember your love throughout this time.