The New Normal

Following on from the government update, the new guidance surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic is that some businesses are now allowed to begin trading again as of the 4th July.

Social distancing measures are still to be put in place, but that distance has been reduced to one meter; from the two. This is set to make it more manageable for businesses to be able to operate.

Unfortunately this doesn't apply to all businesses; some are still to wait for their date on when then can return. Here at Tchin-Tchin we are lucky enough that we can to begin to trade again. With our mobile bar being heavily used for outdoor events, we can quite easily accommodate the social distancing guidelines needed. That's not to say that for any indoor location it wont be feasible; we are able to but measures in place to ensure everyone's safety at all times.

In order to trade as safely as possible we have done some research on the virus. There are plenty of online courses available as it is paramount that everyone understands possible side effects and precautions.

Please see below link as an example of one of the courses offered free of charge;

In order to prevent the possibility of cross contamination we will be ensuring the bar is in tip top condition at all times. This will include the following;

Full bar being thoroughly cleaned down prior to any event Once set up bar to be sanitised Bar to be cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals during event Recyclable plastic glasses to be used once, with a fresh glass for each drink Full bar to be cleaned down at the end of the event Followed by a full deep clean once home and dekitted

We have previously looked into the possibility of good quality glassware with the ability for to resuse their glasses. This we hoped may have been something that would help reduce our carbon footprint and avoid the need for additional plastic. As things stand we need to focus on the safety of us, our staff and our potential customers. This means we will be using fully recyclable single use glasses. We are absolutely delighted to be able to finally start meeting people again and attending local markets and events. However we are fully committed to the rules and hope everyone stays safe while finally being able to enjoy the bar after being locked up for months. As always we intend to provide all customers with a top class bar service and this will continue throughout.