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I could simply shout TCHIN-TCHIN on repeat until you cave, but instead, here’s some top tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect mobile bar for your wedding or event.

1. Make sure they’re available.

Seems pretty obvious, but before you get your heart set on a company and their bar, get in touch asap to check that they are free on your date. Here at Tchin-Tchin, our calendar fills up fast and 2024 and beyond is already looking busy. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

2. Size matters

Check the size and dimensions of the bar to check it will fit within your venue grounds AND still be accessible. Our vintage horse trailer is so versatile in that it can be unhitched pretty much anywhere but still needs an area of around 10m square to allow for guests to visit. Where as our Tobias bar needs just over 2m to squeeze into. We’ll even liaise with your venue to clarify things for you because let's face it, you’ll have plenty of planning to be getting on with.

3. Make sure they’ve got the goods

Your bar needs to look good and deliver the goods in equal measure. No-one wants a warm beer or flat fizz at their event. Boasting a fully licensed and expertly stocked bar; we promise that your guests will have their whistles expertly whetted for the duration of your celebrations. be suitably refreshed,

4. Going beyond the beverage

Minimising your to-do list will ultimately maximise your fun. Look for a company that does all the hard parts for you. We know how much a good time means to you. From planning, to setting up, execution through to pack up, when you book with us you can sit back, relax and toast to an effortless and stress-free experience.

Hopefully, this gives you some valuable points to consider to help you on your mission to find the perfect mobile bar.

Or maybe, you’ve already found it.

Ready to book the best mobile bar in Yorkshire?

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