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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

When looking into hiring a mobile bar, there are lots of important factors that need to be taken into account, but most importantly a number of legal requirements.

When hiring a Tchin-Tchin mobile bar, you can rest assured that as a reputable mobile bar company, we have all of these covered!


All bars whether mobile or fixed premises need a license to sell alcohol. While a mobile bar does not require a premise license, due to it not being in one fixed location, it does require the owner to have a personal alcohol licence.

This, alongside a temporary events notice (TEN), then allows them to legally serve alcohol at a variety of locations.


The bar should be fully insured, being able to cover themselves for any accidents that may occur; Either to the trailer itself, stock or even staff. Public liability insurance is also required; This covers any accidents or injuries to guests during the event.

Tchin-Tchin mobile bar have public liability insurance cover up to £5,000,000! Amazing right?


In addition to the alcohol license being clearly displayed, a food hygiene certificate should also be visible. Regulated by the local authority, all bars serving drinks must have regular food hygiene assessments to ensure safe hygiene standards are met and ensure quality for customers.

All electrical equipment is to be PAT tested for safety reasons and these certificates should be available on request. Stickers are also visible on plugs etc which is an indication at first glance that PAT testing has been carried out.


Terms need to be agreed and understood when hiring the bar. All deposits that are paid need to clearly state if they are non refundable or if there is a time frame in which full refunds will be honoured.

For example, if cancelling the day before the event the bar would be within their right to charge if this is already highlighted in their terms and conditions.

However if the event was cancelled, or the client just decided against the mobile bar option and gave ten months notice, then this allows the bar to accept alternative bookings. Depending upon the terms and conditions it could be the client receives a full refund minus any expenses already incurred by the bar, such as licensing fees for the event.

All reputable Mobile bars will be happy to supply, and discuss all of the points raised, to ensure you are confident in their ability to provide to provide a legal and safe service.

Heard all you need to know, and ready to book the perfect mobile bar service for your event?

Or maybe you have some questions relating to the points covered. Then hit the button below.

Photo credits - Dani Louise Photography

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